SIP Trunking

With the phone company, customers typically paying on a per-line basis for physical phone lines that originate in their central office. These phone lines are costly. Customers invest a lot when they initially deploy them, and it's very expensive to add more as they grow. But with SIP Trunking, phone calls are routed through the internet. And this makes all the difference. With SIP Trunking customers can:

  • Consolidate voice and data traffic
  • No longer need to pay for expensive phone lines from the phone company
  • Cut costs up to 50 percent—with no loss in either the capacity of businesses to make and receive calls, nor the quality of those calls
  • Improve the reliability of the system by mitigating threat of local outages

Most newer phone systems are compatible with SIP Trunking with no extra equipment. (We can help determine if a system is compatible.) Older phone systems may require a device called a VoIP Gateway that translates analog and digital calls into VoIP calls.

In all cases, SIP Trunking brings new life to an existing phone system or provides the savings catalyst to purchase a new phone system—while cutting operational costs and preserving capital.

Best of all, with SIP Trunking, customers can say goodbye to the phone company—forever.