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Thermal. Dual. Decentralized.

Weatherproof thermal PoE camera for detection plus a 6 MP sensor module for identification

The modular design of the M15D system platform ensures maximum flexibility for the MOBOTIX thermal camera. The M15D-Thermal comes standard with a thermal image sensor and a dummy module (to remain weatherproof to IP66).

In addition, it is possible to use any MOBOTIX sensor modules (6MP, color or black and white, telephoto to Hemispheric, with or without long-pass filter/LPF) in the M15D-Thermal for identification. Camera software is then used to activate the dual image display on one of the two image sensors (thermal or standard) or both simultaneously.

Important Features

High-end thermal camera with thermal sensor of typically 50 mK and a temperature measuring range of -40 to +550°C/-40 to +1022°F

The thermal sensor is capable of detecting in complete darkness and/or through smoke, smog, or a thin plastic film (limited during thick fog); applications include border protection: view of the sea in coastal areas, ships in the distance can be recognized in hazy conditions.

The combination with the MxActivitySensor in particular delivers extremely reliable video analysis results of person/vehicle movements, as it is now possible to block out disruptive factors such as regular movements of "cold" objects such as bushes, grass, water, clouds, waves etc.

No glare from strong sources of light (such as headlights, hand-held lamps).

Detection of hotter than average body parts or technical devices, detection of faults in photovoltaic systems, overheated machine bearings etc.

Low camera power consumption of max. 5.5 W (thermal sensor plus 6 MP sensor module, without additional MxBus devices).

The thermal image sensor is configured using camera software in a web browser; it is possible to display the thermal image with all other MOBOTIX user software (MxEasy, MxCC, App).

A thermographic camera sees what would otherwise be invisible to the human eye. Based on the proven M15 system platform, the new M15D-Thermal offers brand new application options. In combination with the camera’s existing sensors and the analysis capabilities of the camera software (MxActivitySensor, video motion detection, event logic etc.), it is now possible to reliably detect people and cars and their direction of movement, even in complete darkness.

Traffic counters

Counting People And Objects (Counting Lines)

You can define counting lines in appropriate locations in the camera live image to find out, for example, how many people walk in and out of each entrance of a shop over the course of a week. The system records how often each counting line is crossed within a specified period of time. The reliability of the count depends on the similarity of the sizes and shapes of the persons or objects in the image and how effectively they can be visually distinguished from one another and from the underlying surface or background. For this reason, it is not possible to count groups forming at entrances or cashiers using MxAnalytics.

Tracking And Evaluating Movements (Heat Maps)

Which shelves in the shop are attracting the most customers this Saturday? Which paintings by the new artist hold the most attention of the visitors? Which waiting areas in the departure hall are preferred in the afternoon? All movements of objects of a particular size are recorded and evaluated, either in the live image

or in a previously defined detection area, to provide answers to questions like these. The frequency of the movements is shown visually through different colors in a heat map.

Video notification by e-mail, SMS or custom event handling

To compensate for the limitations inherent with change-in-pixel based motion detection, the MOBOTIX system offers a function called Event Logic, which is available throughout the megapixel range of cameras. Event Logic binds different event triggers, to create one extremely accurate alarm event.

Implementation of Event Logic, can easily cut storage and bandwidth usage in half.

Below are just a few of the triggers that Event Logic can bind together, to create a smart event trigger, within the camera:

- Passive Infra Red

- Signal input

- Microphone signal

- No motion

- Directional motion

- Change in object color

- Time scheduled event

- Change in temperature

Each camera, can be set individually to record a specific time before and after events, including the sound from the camera microphone. Upon events, the cameras send emails with attached video clips.

All around solution for small office

Based on the de-centralized platform, the Hemispheric camera has all the recording server (DVR) functionality built-in, thus all the image analysis/correction, video processing and storage management is handled by the camera.

DVR-in-the-camera technology is absolutely essential for the hemispheric video technology to work, and the main reason why most manufactures cannot produce a hemispheric security camera. There are two major benefits to this technology:

  • the camera can record and store the RAW and compressed images in-the-camera, or to an attached hard drive, which means zero bandwidth usage whilst recording. If more storage is needed, then recording directly to a NAS (network attached storage) or low cost file sever, is possible – without the need to invest in a central recording server and video management software. This equates to huge savings on the overall system cost.

  • the dewarping of the images occurs in the camera not an external computer.

The dilemma for other IP camera manufacturers, is that to reproduce the same high quality image results, their cameras would have to transport the raw 3 megapixel image over the network to a PC. With each individual 3-megapixel raw image being around 10 megabytes in size, at 12 frames per second this would equate to a bandwidth requirement of 1 gigabit! Even if you slowed down the frame rate, this is simply not viable even on a Gigabit Ethernet network.

Camera System for extreme temperature environment

MOBOTIX cameras have neither mechanical motors for lenses nor for movement. Without any moving parts, they are therefore so robust that maintenance is reduced to a minimum. The unique temperature range from -30 to +60 °C (-22 to +140 °F) is achieved without heating or a fan at only 3 watts. Since no PC hard disk is required for recording, there are no parts that wear out in the entire video system.