40+ Calling features

Cloud PBX service gives small and medium-sized businesses the same enterprise-grade desktop calling features found in Fortune 500 companies. Key VoIP phone service features include:

Administrator Portal?

Manage all aspects of the phone system from a web-based portal. View current and past invoices, make changes to phones, create voicemail groups, upload hold music, create paging groups, view call history and much more.

All Page/Intercom

Paging allows you to speak to all phones at the same time through the speakerphone. Paging is used to make announcements or to let people know about a parked call.

Alphanumeric LCD Display

The phone's LCD displays shows the phone’s number, extension and inbound caller information.

Automatic Answer Mode

You may program your desk phone to work in auto-answer mode. In this mode the speakerphone key light flashes red, and when you receive a call you hear a burst of tone and the call is connected automatically.

Automatic Line Selection

This function allows users to make external calls without having to enter the line access codes (9, 8).

Call Blocking

Up to ten phone numbers can be blocked from reaching your phone when a caller attempts to call you from one of these numbers.

Call Forward Always

The desk phone can be configured to forward all calls received at an extension without ringing the extension to voicemail, another internal extension, or an external number such as a cell phone.

Call Park and Pickup

Parking a call is very similar to putting a call on hold. The key difference is, when you put a call on hold you can only retrieve the held call from the phone that put the call on hold. With Call Park, you can put a call on hold and pick it up from ANY phone. Up to 4 calls can be parked system-wide at any given time.

Call Recording

Two types of call recording are available.

  • Automatic call recording records all calls placed through the HPBX system from the beginning of the call to the end.
  • On Demand allows the user to record a call on demand by pressing of a few phone keys.

Call Transfer External

This feature allows an extension to transfer a call to an external number.

Call Transfer Internal

This feature allows an extension to transfer a call to another internal extension. You can transfer a call to an extension when the extension has answered, while ringing the extension, or while the busy tone is being received from the extension.

Call Waiting From External Calls

If you are on a call and your extension is presented with an external call, you will hear a call waiting tone and may place one call on hold to answer the second call.

Caller ID (Number)

When you receive a call, you will see the incoming number providing the caller didn’t block it.

Custom Message

Record you own music or special hold message for your callers. Your custom hold music or message can be easily uploaded through the Web-based Admin Portal.

Desk Phone Ringing Tones

You can select from multiple ringing tones.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Each phone has its own phone number and extension.

Do Not Disturb

If your extension is set to Do Not Disturb, anyone trying to call you will be sent directly to your voicemail box.

eAgent Integration (CallScape)

When a call comes in, CallScape will pass the caller ID to eAgent and if it matches a number stored in eAgent, eAgent will open the contact.


Extensions are optional. They can be used for internal dialing by your users, when calling each other. They are also used by the Auto Attendant and Hunt Group systems for forwarding calls to users. You can select the length of extensions from 3-6 digits.

Extension Lock

This feature allows you to lock your extension to prevent unauthorized users from making external calls. You use a Lock Password to lock, unlock, or to make calls from a locked extension.

Extension Names

You may assign names to extensions. This name will be displayed on the screens of the phones you call.

Fax Machine Integration

Fax machine integration allows you use your existing fax machine.


Ring your office phone and cell phone at the same time.

Forwarding Calls

Forward all calls from your extension. Before you leave your extension, you can forward all your calls to ring at another extension. Alternatively, you can forward all external calls presented to your extension to an external number.

Forward a Message from a Desk Phone

A user can forward a message from their voicemail box to any other voicemail box or create a group for easy voicemail distribution.

Group Voicemail

Create groups of people in your company to send or forward voicemail messages quickly and easily.

Headset Mode

Your desk phone is equipped with a socket for a headset.

Instant Call Back

While listening to a voicemail message, press a key to instantly call the person back (right from your voicemail).

Incoming Call Alert (CallScape)

CallScape can alert you on your screen of all incoming calls and allow you to answer or reject the call.

Message Waiting Indicator

The desk phone has a red LED that blinks indicating that the user has voicemail.

Multi-Call Appearance

The phones can support up to 2,4,6,8 (depending on the phone) simultaneous calls (e.g. call appearances). These can be from external or from internal extensions.

Music on Hold

When an external call is placed on hold, the caller is presented with hold music. Choose hold music or upload your own.

Mute and Volume Control

The phones allow the users to raise the volume of the ringer, the speakerphone, and the audio or to mute the microphone on the speakerphone or handset with buttons.

Named Ring Groups

Named Hunt Groups allow you to know which Hunt Group was called by viewing the LCD display on the phone. This is ideal if you run two businesses from one location because you will know how to answer the phone based on what shows on the screen.

On Hook Dialing

A convenience that allows the user to just start dialing without first choosing a line.

Personal Directory

Each desk phone has a personal phonebook (size of directory depends on phone). Calls can be made directly from the personal directory. Received, dialed and missed calls from the call lists can be edited and saved to the personal directory.

Real Time Call Monitoring with CallScape

Always know who is on the phone. CallScape is a FREE application that allows you to see who, within your company, is on the phone. Simply install on your Mac or PC and you are able to monitor, in real time, the status of all of the phones in your company regardless of the phone's location. You can also drag any phone number or Outlook contact on top of CallScape and your phone will place the call.


After calling a person back from your voicemail box, instantly return to your voicemail box by pressing two keys.

Record Your Own Voice Mailbox Greeting

Each extension can record a customized greeting for their voicemail box.


Use the redial feature to redial the external number you most recently dialed.

Remote Voicemail Access

Remote voicemail access allows you to simply call your phone from any phone and quickly access voicemail messages.

Salesforce Integration (CallScape)

When a call comes in, CallScape will pass the caller ID to Salesforce and if it matches a number stored in Salesforce, Salesforce will open the contact.

Saved Number Redial

The ability to ring multiple phones in a specific order. If no phones are answered the call can be directed to a specific greeting or menu or voicemail box.

Sequential Dialing

In addition to the last external number, the previous 10 numbers dialed are also stored and may be redialed.

Speed Dial Directory List

Each extension can program up to 400 individual speed dial numbers.

3-way Conferencing

The phone allows three callers to be joined in a call together in a conference.


Every extension is allocated a voicemail box by default. Voicemail features include: delete, skip, or save messages - send messages to another mailbox - playback control when receiving messages - change personal greeting and password - 90 minute voicemail storage per voicemail box - message key to access voicemail - numeric message count indicator.

Voicemail to Email

When a voicemail message is left in your voicemail box, you can receive an email with the voicemail attached as a .WAV file.

Web-access to Voicemail

Each user may log into their personal web portal to listen to and manage voicemail messages.


With SmartFax Pro service you instantly receive faxes as PDF email attachments. You can view faxes on virtually any web-enabled device and forward to any email address.

Using a single local or toll-free number, you can receive faxes on your Windows PC (without special hardware) to send faxes to any fax machine.

Enhanced Features To Make Your Business Stand Out

Auto Attendant

Our Auto Attendant greets callers and routes calls to the right person or information 24 hrs per day. With Auto Attendant, you sound like a much larger, more professional business and you can program it using the Administrator Portal.

Call Queuing (ACD)

Call Queuing, a standard feature of Auto Attendant, allows callers to be distributed to specific groups of phones. If all of the phones in the group are busy the callers will receive your custom messages and options while they hold for the next phone to become available. Users can log in and out of Call Queues through their phones or personal web portals.


Enjoy enterprise quality phone conferencing and capabilities.